Aikido Arms (taking out the slack)

Photos Katy and Stuart standing arms folder. 1090, 1075

Arms are connected to the sacrum not just the shoulder; Connect the sense of energy flow drawing on a partner’s body – they stand with their arms out to the side and thumbs up, palms facing forward. Stand behind and draw on their back from the tail or base of the spine and sacrum, up in a widening V shape, on either side of the spine to the underarms, continuing out along the underside of the arm past the elbow and wrist to the little fingers. Explore moving the arms with this sense of growth from the sacrum and connection deep into the back.

PHOTOS katy and stuart . standing arms folder sequence 1082-1085

Make an arc with each arm by gently rounding at the elbows and creating an inner curve on the thumb side and an outer curve on the little finger outer side. The underside of the arm from the little finger to the underarm forms a sense of an ‘outer wheel’ when the hand rotates and the palm faces down with the thumb on the inside. The inside edge of the arm from the thumb to the shoulder forms the ‘inner’ wheel. This curved edge provides a surface of support to move around on, with a sense of resistance and resilience, with some rebound potential. This ‘aikido’ arm form enables a dynamic arm frame and extension of the body for effective flow of energy and surface to move on.

With the arms outstretched explore the length across the back from one hand to the other, compare with your height – is it similar or the same? This length provides a great length to use in the dance – for orientation and surface for connection and movement initiation.

Explore by turning the thumb up and down rotating at the wrist how this movement creates the concept of the shoulder wheel – as the shoulder rotates forwards with the thumb internally rotated and down, and rotates down and back with the thumb up and externally rotating.

Photo ROB AND STUART guide folder 1157

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