Touchdown Dance Education Pack

This guide is produced for organisations and professionals who we have worked with to provide general information and workshop a ‘memory aid’ to support the continued practice of the content.

  • We have divided the material into sections and themes, in the context of a session or series of sessions.
  • We have identified teaching points and questions to consider in determining where to go next or what techniques can be further explored or new ones introduced.
  • We include potential risks to consider when the content of the methods may involve a challenge or require caution.

This guide is a work in progress, as we will continue to add and develop the guides with new ideas. This means that this version can be further developed by individuals within their own context, or organizations seeking to develop a particular framework focus, or aspect, such as chair based work or mat based work etc.

Produced by Touchdown Dance Company members Katy Dymoke, Holly Thomas, Robert Anderson, Jamus Wood, Stuart Jackson, and Indra Slavena.

Collated during two residentials in March and August 2015. Funded by Trafford Housing Trust Community Panel Fund 2015. Converted to GitBook by Kim Foale of Geeks for Social Change, and continually updated by Katy Dymock.

For more information, check out Touchdown Dance's website, or email [email protected].

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